Locally produced

with energy crops

The Agripellet® is a sustainable biofuel produced with agricultural lignocellulosic raw materials.
Its traceable production preserves forest resources and is not in competition with the food supply chain. The Italian Agripellet® is a full implementation of the green principles of circular economy.

Lorenzo Avello
CEO, Agripellet Italia
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Economic, italian and sustainable

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The economically alternative to traditional pellets produced in Italy with energy crops of miscanthus

Agripellet in Italy

Our miscanthus Agripellet is produced from cultivations with a short supply chain and not in competition with food production. This guarantees complete traceability, sustainability and economic convenience.
The use of energy crops also makes it possible to guarantee price stability over the years, considerably reducing the variables of transport and supply costs of the raw material.
The Agripellet is an alternative biofuel suitable for compatible systems equipped with self-cleaning systems (eg mobile grids).

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